New Far Cry 4 trailer has hyperbole-inspiring visuals

Although game trailers are typically dominated by generic dubstep tracks, the latest one for Far Cry 4 is a definite departure from the norm. The Survive Kyrat trailer is set to a unique cover of Gloria Gaynor's classic I Will Survive. The song is... different—and not nearly as good as Cake's take on the track. But it doesn't matter, because the visuals are breathtaking enough that the trailer is captivating even on mute.

Everything on the Internet seems to be "beautiful" these days, but in this case, the label is truly well deserved. Far Cry 4 combines astonishingly detailed graphics with engrossingly vibrant colors and flashes of truly inspired art direction. Or something.

Seriously, though, the footage is pretty epic. Far Cry 4 feels like a more over-the-top take on the franchise's formula, and that should be a lot of fun. The game is coming to PCs and consoles on November 18.

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