Get Shorty: Gigabyte intros mini GeForce GTX 970

Gigabyte already has two GeForce GTX 970 cards in its stable, but both of them are over a foot long, which isn't exactly ideal for small-form-factor systems. Thankfully, the company is prepping a much shorter version sized for Mini-ITX builds. The GV-N970IXOC-4GD looks to be about 6.7" long, just like the diminutive motherboard form factor.

Despite taking up almost half the space of a full-sized GTX 970, the mini Gigabyte card isn't short on horsepower. Its 1076MHz base and 1216MHz boost clocks are slightly higher than Nvidia's stock frequencies for the GPU. The card includes a full 4GB of RAM, too.

Cooling is handled by a dual-slot unit with triple heatpipes and a single fan. The heatpipes poke out of the top of the cooler, pushing the total height to 4.7", a smidgen taller than standard expansion cards. Gigabyte claims the cooler is more effective than the Nvidia reference unit strapped to the GTX 980, which seems a little suspect given the differences in surface area. We may have to get one of these to test for ourselves.

A single eight-pin PCIe connector provides power, while a diverse assortment of display outputs lines the rear I/O plate. Just like Gigabyte's full-sized GTX 970s, the mini card has three DisplayPort outs, dual DVI ports, and one HDMI. That's a nice step up over typical GTX 970s, which are limited to a single DP out—and only one 4K or G-Sync display as a result.

Somewhat surprisingly, this shrunken GTX 970 won't be sold at a premium. Gigabyte says the card will be available for $329.99 when it starts selling in early November.

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