AMD cuts A-series desktop processor prices

Building an AMD system should put less of a dent in your budget this holiday season. The chipmaker has applied some fairly generous price cuts to its desktop-bound A-series APUs. The cuts cover not just the current Kaveri family, but also some of the older Richland and Trinity offerings.

Let's start with Kaveri. The cuts apply to all five models in the desktop lineup:

Model Base/Turbo
L2 cache
A10-7850K 3.7/4.0 2/4 4 8 720 95 $179.99 $143
A10-7800 3.5/3.9 2/4 4 8 720 45/65 $164.99 $133
A10-7700K 3.4/3.8 2/4 4 6 720 95 $159.99 $123
A8-7600 3.3/3.8 2/4 4 6 720 45/65 $109.99 $92
A6-7400K 3.5/3.9 1/2 1 4 756 45/65 $84.99 $58

At these new prices—which are suggested e-tail figures, by the way—the high-end A10 APUs will face off against dual-core, Hyper-Threaded Haswell chips from Intel's Core i3 lineup. Kaveri-based A10 APUs aren't quite as speedy as Intel's quad-core Haswell offerings in CPU tests, but they may do better against dual-core parts. Also, AMD's integrated Radeons outpace comparable Intel integrated graphics solutions.

On the Richland and Trinity fronts, AMD's cuts apply to five chips in total. The A10-6800K now carries a $112 SEP, down from Newegg's current $139.99 list price. The A8-6600K should drop from $99.99 to $92, and the A4-6300 should go down from $47.99 to $34. The A4-5300 and A4-4400, which aren't listed as retail-boxed processors at Newegg, now carry suggested e-tail prices of $31 and $27, respectively.

AMD tells us these new prices are "permanent" and "should be reflected in retail and etail stores soon, if not immediately." The company is also sweetening the pot with game and software bundling deals. Until the end of the month, anyone who purchases an A10 processor (whether current- or previous-gen) is entitled to choose one of three games: Murdered: Soul Suspect, Thief, or Sniper Elite 3. Alternatively, buyers can get a copy of Corel Aftershot Pro 2 for $5, a sizable discount from the $59.99 Corel charges on its website.

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