Macs raise taxes?

It would appear, at least according to this article over at Wired, that the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field has extended to Carteret County in North Carolina. The Board of Education there wants to standardize on a PC platform for its schools, and the Mac community is up in arms.

A "citizens group," made up largely of Mac users, fears this change will raise their taxes, since the PC platform is supposedly more expensive to support. The fact that the school board wants to save money by standardizing on one platform seems to be lost on the Mac enthusiasts, as is the fact that this move is in line with what other school boards are doing. Some of the curriculum software used by the board doesn't even run on Macs.

One of the board members has apparently escaped the Distortion Field. He's a home Mac user, but supports the decision to switch the schools over to PCs. Given the incredible dominance of the PC platform in the outside world—the one schools for which are supposedly preparing students—one has to wonder what place Macs have in K-12 at all.

The "megahertz myth" has no bearing here, nor does Photoshop's performance or the aesthetic qualities of the computer's case. Still, the Mac enthusiasts espouse their platform, despite its obvious inadequacy for this particular application.

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