GeForce 344.48 driver enables DSR on Kepler, Fermi GPUs

Nvidia has released the 344.48 driver package for GeForce graphics cards. This driver is WHQL certified, so it's not a beta, and it includes optimizations for a few new games: Lords of the Fallen, Civilization: Beyond Earth, and Elite: Dangerous.

The bigger news here, though, is the addition of Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) support for desktop GeForce GPUs based on the Kepler and Fermi architectures. In other words, anyone with a GeForce GTX card in the 400, 500, 600, or 700 series ought to have access to DSR now. (There may be a few exceptions at the low end of the GTX 400/500 range, but most of those cards should be based on Fermi, I believe.)

DSR allows folks with lower-resolution displays to convert excess GPU performance into higher image quality via downsampling. Go read my article on DSR in order to get a sense of what it can do for you.

Be warned, though, that DSR has daunting performance demands. Rendering at 4X DSR on a 1080p display is as taxing as rendering on a 4K monitor. If you have an older video card, DSR is likely best used in conjunction with games whose graphical requirements are relatively lightweight. Still, it's a nice way to improve a game's visuals when you have extra GPU power on tap.

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