Lian Li's latest Mini-ITX chassis houses 11 hard drives

Mini-ITX motherboards can be ideal for home file servers, but the associated enclosures typically have a limited number of drive bays, especially for 3.5" mechanicals. Lian Li's new PC-Q26 should have no problem housing a massive RAID array, though. The firm's latest mini contender is loaded with 11 drive bays.

Source: Lian Li

The bays are stacked vertically at the front of the case. There's a place for 2.5" drives on the bottom, plus 10 3.5" bays on top of that. All the bays have tool-free mounting mechanisms with rubberized bumpers to reduce vibration. The top two also sport hot-swap connectors.

A trio of 120-mm intake fans lines the front of the case, which should provide plenty of airflow for installed drives. Air is sucked out of the chassis via the 120-mm fan in the top panel, and users can add a 120-mm spinner on the side and an 80-mm unit at the back. Magnetized dust filters are included, as well.

Source: Lian Li

At 15.6" x 16.1" x 7.9", the PC-Q26 looks more like a microATX enclosure than a Mini-ITX one. At least those dimensions can accommodate some full-sized parts. CPU coolers up to 5.9" tall will fit inside the case, as will ATX PSUs up to 7.5" long. That 7.5" length limit also applies to expansion cards, which can have dual-slot coolers attached. Half-length RAID cards should fit without issue.

The PC-Q26 is otherwise pretty typical for a Lian-Li product; it boasts all-aluminum construction, brushed exterior panels, and an expensive $189 asking price. The case is supposed to start selling in North America immediately, but it doesn't seem to be listed at major retailers just yet.

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