Code Red could happen to Tux

While many Linux and Open Source advocates have been quick to criticize Microsoft's lack of secure software in the wake of the Code Red worm, the *nix platform isn't all that safe itself. While largely immune from email exploits, the Unix world has had its share of worm problems. Security Focus explains.
This year alone, we've had the sadmind worm, which attacked Solaris systems and used them to deface Web sites running on IIS on Windows systems; the li0n worm, which exploited a BIND vulnerability on Linux systems and installed a rootkit on those boxes; and the Ramen worm, which followed the great Morris tradition and attempted to exploit three different holes on some Linux systems: a wu-ftpd buffer overflow, and format string exploits in rpc.statd and LPRng.
No OS is really safe, and security is only good as the latest patch. That is, of course, if the admin has bothered to even apply the patch. Thanks to Slashdot for the tip.
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