New Catalysts enable Mantle in Civ: Beyond Earth

In case you missed it, AMD posted a new set of beta Catalyst drivers just before the weekend. These 14.9.2 drivers add Mantle support in Civilization: Beyond Earth—enabling, among other things, the new multi-GPU rendering scheme Scott wrote about on Thursday.

Now, there are a few caveats. The game doesn't support multi-monitor configs, and the Mantle version can't handle CrossFire setups with more than two graphics cards. There are a couple of outstanding issues, as well. The game stutters "under high map zoom and high image quality settings," and the "interactive and visual elements of the mouse cursor can become offset." A workaround for the latter is outlined in the release notes. (AMD says it's working with Firaxis on a proper fix.)

In addition to the Beyond Earth stuff, the new Catalyst betas include dual-GPU optimizations for KritiKa and SheDiaoZero along with a "profile update" for Project CARS. AMD has also fixed bugs (mostly CrossFire-related ones) in a handful of games, including Alien: Isolation, FIFA 2015, Max Payne 3, Metro Redux, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Total War: Rome 2, and Watch Dogs. See the release notes for a detailed listing.

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