LG's ''full 4K'' IPS monitor is now available for $1399.99

In August, LG revealed a 31" IPS monitor with a "full" 4K resolution. Otherwise known as the 31MU97, the display was shown at the IFA show in Berlin, Germany and is now ready for public consumption. LG has announced that the 4K monster is coming to the U.S. and several other regions this week. Although the press release doesn't detail pricing, the display is already listed at B&H for $1399.99.

The asking price is a little steep, but the monitor is aimed at content creation professionals rather than everyday consumers. LG claims the IPS panel produces 10-bit color and covers 99.5% of the Adobe RGB color space. The display is also rated for 97% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space, a digital cinema standard backed by the likes of Disney, MGM, Paramount, and Warner Bros. Interestingly, a feature called Dual Color Space "allows the monitor to display two different color modes at once so that users can compare different perspectives of their work simultaneously."

Instead of sporting the 3840x2160 display resolution typically found on 4K fare, the 31MU97 has a 4096x2160 resolution with 6.7% more pixels. The extra real estate should come in handy for folks working on 4K cinema content, which calls for the higher resolution.

LG's U.S. site doesn't list the 31MU97 yet. However, we can glean a few more details from the product page on LG's Australian site, which mentions Thunderbolt support and Mac compatibility. That page also indicates that the display has dual HDMI inputs, one full-sized DisplayPort jack, and an integrated USB 3.0 hub. There's no mention of whether the monitor is a single-tile unit, but I'd be shocked if it weren't. Odds are the refresh rate is fixed rather than adaptive, though.

Update: LG tells us that its Australian site is incorrect; the 31MU97 does not have Thunderbolt support.

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