This MSI gaming laptop has a mechanical keyboard built in

I didn't think this was even possible, but apparently, it is. Behold the MSI Titan GT80, a desktop-replacement notebook with a full-fledged, desktop-style mechanical keyboard. And yes, it's real.

MSI shared the first details about the Titan GT80 on its Facebook page yesterday. The keyboard on this thing was designed by SteelSeries, and it uses Cherry MX's brown key switches (my personal favorites). The numeric keypad on the right seems to double as a touchpad, as well, since it has a couple of physical buttons up front. You can see those better in this second pic:

MSI hasn't shared any other details beside the fact that the system is "coming soon." Based on the picture, I assume the Titan GT80 will have some powerful hardware behind those backlit keys... and will probably be fairly heavy, too. The average tenkeyless Cherry MX keyboard already weighs a couple of pounds on its own.

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