Friday night topic: What are you doing for Halloween?

Halloween has never really been a thing for me. Part of that is my upbringing. I was born in France, where trick-or-treating and dressing up on October 31 isn't really part of the culture—no matter how much the confectionery industry wishes otherwise. I also spent my teen years in Scotland, where Halloween mostly involved smaller kids going door to door doing parlor tricks for candy. (I guess it's more like trick and treating over there.)

Of course, here in North America, Halloween is a much larger event, and it's definitely not age-restricted. Teens and adults dress up at school, at work, and at parties. There are copious amounts of liquor involved, not to mention skimpy outfits. All of this is pretty alien to me, but I'd be lying if I said I couldn't see the appeal.

Which is all a very long-winded way to ask a simple question. What are you doing tonight? I figure a lot of you will be dressing up and/or going out, maybe while reminiscing about Halloweens past. Some may also prefer to enjoy a nice, relaxing Friday evening at home, perhaps while reaping the fruits of the ongoing Steam sale.

What about you? Discuss.

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