Android Lollipop is coming to the Shield Tablet

I think it's funny that a person from 10 years ago would have no idea how to decode the words in the headline above. You know what it means, though. Nvidia's gaming-centric Shield Tablet will soon be getting an update to the latest version of Android, known as Lollipop.

The source for this news arrived in my office last week, while I was out in California, but here it is:

Yep, a mug full of lollipops and a note from the Shield team. There's also a Shield Tablet cover emblazoned with the Android Lollipop logo.

Message received.

We don't yet have an exact release date for the Shield Lollipop update, but Nvidia has been pretty good about staying on top of these things for its other Android-based products, including the Shield Portable. No doubt it helps that Nvidia is blessedly restrained about what it adds to the core Android OS.

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