Speaking of Graphiczilla...

This interview with Brian Burke over at HomeLan Fed contains a rather interesting statement.
Today, NVIDIA’s main rival ATI officially announced its next graphics card and chip called the Radeon 8500, which in its press release was stated to have “33 percent higher performance than the nearest competitive graphics processor”. While the graphics chip was not officially announced when Burke talked to HomeLAN at QuakeCon, he almost seemed to be talking about the new ATI product when it came to NVIDIA’s own GeForce 3. “We get a lot of our competitors saying, ‘This is going to be the GeForce 3 killer’ and if you are aiming for the GeForce 3, you are aiming at the wrong target. The best thing that could happen to NVIDIA is for all of our competitors to aim for the GeForce 3.”
Is the Radeon 8500 already too late? Between the Detonator 4 drivers and the rumor of a GeForce 3 Ultra and MX just within reach, ATI may come up short in the war for the speed crown. On the other hand, ATI may be just in time to capitalize on what appears to be a hungry market looking for falling prices. The matter raises a number of questions: What kind of price pressures would a revamped NVIDIA product line exert on the new Radeons? Can ATI sustain the budgetary bleed NVIDIA is forcing through constant feature growth? Can ATI continue to entice OEMs while remaining behind NVIDIA in the speed race?
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