Final Fantasy: Finally a reality?

At SIGGRAPH, NVIDIA staged a Final Fantasy Technology Demo with their super-expensive Quadro DCC (GeForce 3) card. Unfortunately, the press release about the demo is very short on details. NVIDIA's screenshots, combined with some discussions I have read in various forums, have provided some fuel for speculation. Here's my take.

The card was not rendering entire scenes; it was only dealing with the immensely complex characters. The average performance of the Quadro DCC with just the characters was probably around ten frames per second. This kind of visual quality is not arriving on our door step in a "playable" form anytime soon, but it is impressive to see that the Quadro DCC apparently is able to generate characters as richly detailed as those in Final Fantasy. (To understand more about how the Quadro's GeForce3 chip can render such effects, see our GF3 review.)

Not altogether Earth shattering, but it certainly is interesting. If any of you are more in the know about this demo, please share with us in the comments.

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