That Maxwell moon landing demo is now available

When Nvidia introduced the GeForce GTX 970 and 980 in September, the company showcased its new hardware's capabilities in an interesting way: by recreating the 1969 moon landing with accurate real-time lighting, purportedly in an effort to debunk conspiracy theories.

Today, you can do the debunking yourself. Nvidia has released the demo for all to enjoy... provided they have one of the new GeForce GTX 970 or GTX 980 graphics cards in their PC. The 470MB demo won't run on anything else.

Source: Nvidia.

The Maxwell Apollo 11 demo uses Unreal Engine 4 together with the voxel global illumination (VXGI) capability built into Nvidia's GM204 "Maxwell" GPU. Here's a brief explanation from Epic Games:

Using VXGI, the Apollo demo lets you reconstruct the way light moved around the Apollo 11 landing site. VXGI – or Voxel Global Illumination – shows the way light bounces from one object to another in real time. To do that, VXGI breaks a scene’s geometry into many thousands of tiny boxes called "voxels," or 3D pixels.

In addition to showcasing the newfangled lighting mojo, the demo lets users toggle indirect lighting on and off, show or hide Neil Armstrong's 3D doppleganger, adjust the exposure, and move the sun and camera around.

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