GeForce GTX 960 appears in import shipment record

Unconfirmed details about unannounced graphics cards can be found in the most unusual places. The latest tidbits on the GeForce GTX 960, for example, come from Zauba, "home to India's import and export data." Searching the site for "GTX 960 graphics card" reveals an import shipment record that appears to include key specifications for the upcoming product:

According to the shipment record, the GTX 960 will have 4GB of RAM and a 256-bit memory interface. The "993/6008" likely references the GPU and memory clocks, but it's unclear whether the former is the base or boost speed. For comparison, the GTX 970 has 1050MHz base and 1178MHz boost clocks, while the GTX 980 runs at 1126/1216MHz. Both of those cards also have 4GB of GDDR5 memory grafted to a 256-bit interface, but they enjoy a higher 7 GT/s memory transfer rate.

The evidence suggests that the GTX 960 uses the same Maxwell-based GM204 GPU as its big brothers. Unfortunately, the shipping entry doesn't detail the number of active shader units. Odds are the GTX 960 has fewer than the 1664 shader processors firing inside the GTX 970.

According to the manifest, the GTX 960 will have DisplayPort, HDMI, and dual DVI outputs. The 10-card shipment's per-unit price is listed as 15,474 Indian rupees, which translates to $256 USD—roughly what we'd expect for a mid-range card destined to supplant the current GTX 760.

Interestingly, the shipment apparently happened on September 29, suggesting cards have been circulating for more than a month. The official launch probably isn't too far off. Thanks to TR reader SH SOTN for the tip.

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