Gigabyte, EK Water Blocks want to liquid-cool your X99 mobo

If you've ever lamented about not being able to liquid-cool every single component in your PC, then good news: Gigabyte and EK Water Blocks have your back. The motherboard maker has joined forces with the Slovenian liquid-cooling firm to design a line of water blocks exclusively for Gigabyte's X99 motherboards.

The EK-FB KIT GA X99 water blocks strap onto both the X99 chipset and the motherboard's power-regulation circuitry, and they're available in different flavors. Here's the official spiel from Gigabyte:

The EK-FB KIT GA X99 is a complete water cooling solution, made with a base of nickel-plated electrolytic copper while the top is made of quality POM Acetal or acrylic glass material (depending on the variant). Tailor designed for GIGABYTE X99 series motherboards, the coolers consist of two separate water blocks; one water block directly cools the Intel X99 chip while the other takes care of the power regulation area. Not only do the water blocks look amazing and are quieter than an air cooling system, they are actually as efficient as the GIGABYTE factory cooling solution. The screw-in standoffs are already pre-installed and allow for easy and trouble-free installation by utilizing original motherboard back plates.

That sounded pretty good up until the second-to-last sentence. If these water blocks are "actually as efficient as the Gigabyte factory cooling solution," then I'm not sure I entirely see the point. Gigabyte mentions quieter operation, but the company's X99 mobos all have passive heatsinks. I assume, then, that the idea is simply to eliminate case airflow altogether—but case fans aren't exactly large contributors to system noise to begin with.

Strange. The water blocks do look pretty slick, though, and if you're spending a fortune on a top-of-the-line, liquid-cooled Haswell-E system anyway... well, why not go all out? Gigabyte says interested users should head to this page to see if their X99 motherboard has a matching EKWB water block available.

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