Howdy, folks.

You may have noticed a conspicuous lack of visible production out of Damage Labs lately. That's because I'm knee deep in a fairly big project that requires some learning and legwork on my part. I'm hoping the results will be worth the wait, and I think at least some of you will be pleasantly surprised. However, I have a lot of work left before I can publish anything. Please bear with me. The other guys have a number of articles in the works in the mean time.

We have several other nifty things brewing behind the scenes here at TR, too. Bruno has been building three different sets of new capabilities into the site code, and we recently merged those projects into one big glob. Eventually, we'll release the whole shebang, if we can get it right. Among them is site-wide support for https, which I know some of you have requested.

Also, if you've not yet become a TR subscriber, now would be a good time to name your price and join their ranks. We have a really nice bonus for subscribers coming up. It's not yet a sure thing, but if it works out, many of you will want to be a part of it. However, the slots will be limited, so you'll want to sign up now to sure sure you'll get one.

Wish I could say more, but alas.

Subscribers also get discount codes for Macrium Reflect's excellent backup and imaging software, single-page views of our reviews, and a bunch of other goodies. It's worth signing up regardless of whether our mystery bonus goodie materializes.

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