Ubisoft 'wrapping up' Unity patch with PC performance fixes

In case you missed the memo, Assassin's Creed Unity has had a rough launch. The game is apparently riddled with glitches, and many users are complaining about poor performance on the PC.

Happily, Ubisoft announced today that it's "wrapping up" work on the next patch, dubbed Patch 2, which will iron out some of the kinks in the PC release. In Ubisoft's words:

Note, the PC version of Patch Two will include a number of additional fixes, including graphical problems, such as flickering issues with nVidia SLI and AMD CrossFire configurations and improved performance in cinematic mode on low HW configurations, among others.

Some user have complained about frame rates dipping under 30 FPS during cut scenes. I assume that's what the "improved performance in cinematic mode" will address.

Patch 2 will also fix gameplay bugs, crashes, and delays in accessing the main menu upon launch. Ubisoft says players can look forward to no longer randomly fallling through geometry or getting stuck in hay carts. Hooray! Truly, we live in the golden age of gaming.

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