Friday night topic: Your mobile gaming addiction

We've had a number of Friday night discussions about whatever PC games are currently taking up our time. But honestly, I've plowed nearly as much time into mobile gaming as I have into PCs in recent years. That's true in part because I can play phone and tablet games when sitting at a PC isn't really an option. Also, I dunno, some of them are lots of fun.

I had an intense bout with a couple of the Infinity Blade games, followed by an extended tryst with the Kingdom Rush series. Meanwhile, I came late to the party for Words with Friends, but I keep a couple of games going to this day. I've also spent quite a bit of quality time with Where's my Water? and friends.

Things I've avoided: the Angry Birds games, which seem inane to me, and the Candy Crush series, thank goodness. I've also refused to inhale on the crack pipe that is Clash of Clans. So far, at least. One never knows what the future holds.

What mobile games have occupied your spare moments? On what devices do you play the most? Are any of your devices particularly well-suited to certain games? Discuss.

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