Lost Ark trailer shows eight minutes of Diablo-style action

Korean game developer Tripod Studio has revealed Lost Ark, an "exciting hack & slash MMORPG" that looks an awful lot like Diablo. The official trailer is loaded with gorgeous gameplay footage, including a glimpse of what appears to be co-op action starting around the five-minute mark.

According to The Korea Times, a team of over 150 people has been working on the Unreal-powered title for the past three years. A beta test is scheduled for next year, and the Lost Ark site seems to be accepting applications already. (Chrome won't translate all the Korean text on the site, so it's hard to say for sure.)

Although the lack of an English-language site doesn't bode well for a North America release, The Korea Times says Lost Ark was designed for "both domestic and overseas markets." The east-meets-west vibe is apparently part of an intentional effort to attract foreign players.

Lost Ark's slick graphics and over-the-top action look pretty compelling, so I hope the game makes its way stateside eventually. Thanks to Kotaku for the tip.

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