Hacker turns keyboard backlight into video game display

Cooler Master's QuickFire Rapid-i keyboard has an ARM-based processor that powers a handful of neat backlighting options, including per-key illumination and a light-as-you-type effect with an optional decay. But that's nothing compared to what a member of the Mechanical Keyboards subreddit pulled off with a little hacking. A user by the name of Spritetm figured out how to play Snake, a classic arcade game from the 70s, using the backlighting as a display:

The man behind the hack, Jeroen Domburg, has also taken the keyboard's actuation illumination to the next level:

Domburg is evidently controlling the LEDs over USB, and he promises to share more details in an article on SpritesMods.com. The site is filled with cool hacks and hardware projects—plus accompanying source code. Can someone please send this guy one of Corsair's Vengeance RGB keyboards? His talents deserve a 24-bit palette.

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