1. InformationWeek reports no delay for Microsoft case (thanks rand)
  2. Electic Tech has NVIDIA Detonator drivers version 14.61
    and version 14.60 for Windows 2000
  3. Electic Tech reports that Samsung begins production on DDR333
  4. SystemLogic reviews DiskOnKey
Systems, accessories, and cooling

  1. Overclockers Online reviews Athlon 1.4GHz
  2. Digit Life's VIA Apollo Pro266 motherboards roundup: part II
  3. SystemLogic reviews Sohoware Netblaster II 802.11b wireless networking kit
  4. OnePC reviews Belkin 650VA Regulator Pro Gold USB
  5. SourceMagazine reviews Koolance case
  6. Pro Cooling claims first real radiator roundup
  7. BiT-Tech reviews Thermalright CB-6L cooler
  8. CoreSpeed3D reviews water cooling kit
Graphics and multimedia

  1. 3DCenter reviews Leadtek WinFast GF2 MX400 SH-MAX (in German)
  2. techhard previews CL Audigy
  3. Gaming in 3D reviews Labtec Pulse 424 speakers
  4. Chick's Hardware reviews VideoLogic DigiTheatre DTS 5.1 speakers
  5. 8Balls Hardware reviews AOpen CRW1232 Pro 12/10/32 CD-RW drive
  6. Ars Technica reviews Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical and iFeel MouseMan
  7. I am not a geek has Samsung Baby Yepp review
    and giveaway contest
  8. Hardware Extreme's August gadgets showcase
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