Be quiet! premieres its first PC enclosure

German company Be quiet! doesn't often make headlines on this side of the pond. The company does, however, make some nifty-looking coolers as well as apparently popular power supplies with high efficiency ratings.

This week, Be quiet! is pulling back the curtain on its first-ever PC enclosure: the Silent Base 800, a premium offering with "generous space" for full-sized ATX mobos as well as plenty of room for storage devices.

The Silent Base 800 can fit three 5.25" optical drives, seven 3.5" hard drives and four 2.5" SSDs—along with coolers up to 6.7" tall and graphics cards as long as 15.7". (Fitting expansion cards of that length requires the removal of one of the hard-drive cages, though.)

On the cooling front, the case ships with two 140-mm front intakes and a 120-mm rear exhaust. Coupled with the pre-mounted dust filters, the positive internal air pressure from that arrangement should help to keep dust out. If that's not enough, there's extra room for up to four additional fans, and you can open up "3-in-1" air intakes on the two side panels.

True to its name, the Silent Base 800 also has some noise-reduction features. The side panels and front cover are lined with a "brand new anechoic material," and silicone inserts isolate the PSU and hard drives from the rest of the case in order to minimize vibrations.

Be quiet! says you'll be able to pick up the Silent Base 800 on November 24 for $139.99. The case will be available with black-and-orange (pictured above), silver-and-black, and all-black finishes. Since a number of Be quiet! products are listed at Newegg, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Silent Base turn up in the U.S.

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