Thermaltake's new mATX case is stackable, rotatable

Another case has joined Thermaltake's microATX roster. While it looks pretty plain from the outside, the Core V21 has two unusual features: it can rotate to allow for either horizontal or vertical motherboard placement, and the chassis itself is designed to be stackable. In a stacked arrangement, Thermaltake says users can put vital components in one case and liquid-cooling devices in the other.

Nifty. Regardless of the orientation, the Core V21 boasts a dual-chamber design that dedicates one chamber to the motherboard and another to the power supply and drive bays.

The Core V21 is plenty roomy, too, with space for six storage drives (either all 2.5" or half 2.5" and half 3.5"), a graphics card up to 13.8" long, a CPU cooler up to 7.3" tall, and a power supply with a maximum length of 7.9". Cooling is handled out of the box with a jumbo 200-mm fan at the front, but there's room for an ungodly number of additional fans and liquid-cooling radiators. Seriously, I won't even bother to list all of the possible cooling configurations. See the spec sheet for more details. Even larger radiators can fit inside a motherboard-free chassis as part of a stacked config.

Expect to pay $69.99 for the Core V21 when it hits e-tail listings. And check out the gallery below for more glamour shots.

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