Acer's new 27'' G-Sync monitor scales up to 144Hz

There's a new G-Sync display in Acer's stable. The 27" XB270HU slots in between the 28" XB280HK, which has a 4K resolution and 60Hz peak refresh rate, and the 27" XB270H, which is 1080p and 144Hz. This newcomer has a 2560x1440 resolution and 144Hz refresh ceiling, making it similar to the Asus ROG Swift Scott reviewed in August.

According to TFT Central, the XB270HU's specs are identical to the Swift's: 350 cd/m² brightness, 1000:1 contrast, 1-ms response times, and 170°/160° viewing angles. The panel is reportedly an 8-bit TN unit, another attribute shared with its Asus predecessor.

Like just about every premium display these days, the XB270HU has a four-way USB 3.0 hub built in. Video input is apparently limited to a single DisplayPort connection, which is what you'll need for G-Sync anyway. The stand is adjustable, and there are VESA-compatible mounting holes on the back.

TFT Central says Acer's latest variable-refresh candidate will be available in the UK "within the next few days." The site doesn't say if the display is coming stateside, but there certainly seems to be a market for its doppleganger on this side of the pond. The ROG Swift is out of stock at Newegg and TigerDirect, and the only Amazon listing is marked up to $1090—$290 above the MSRP.

Update: TFT Central now indicates that the XB270HU won't arrive until the first quarter of 2015.

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