Samsung to intro FreeSync-enabled UHD monitors in March 2015

At its Future of Compute event in Singapore this morning, AMD shared some big news about the future of FreeSync. Samsung plans to release the "first-ever ultra-high-definition monitors" with support for the display technology in March 2015.

Samsung's first FreeSync monitors will include the UD590, which will be available in 23.6" and 28" variants, as well as the UE850, which will come in 23.6", 27", and 31.5" flavors. The announcement doesn't outline specs, but "ultra-high-definition" usually means 4K, or 3840x2160. (2560x1440 is usually called QHD or WQHD.)

Going forward, AMD says Samsung will implement FreeSync across "all of [its] UHD lineups." Considering Samsung is the world's second-biggest PC monitor vendor by shipments, according to IDC, that's a big win for FreeSync.

First unveiled at CES earlier this year, FreeSync is AMD's answer to Nvidia's G-Sync tech. Like G-Sync, FreeSync works by dynamically adjusting the display's refresh rate to match the in-game frame rate, which prevents screen tearing without a performance hit. FreeSync will work with Radeon graphics cards, although support will be patchy even across the current Radeon R9 lineup.

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