Golden Fingers extend their reach

The ComputerNerd has announced the arrival of his "Golden Fingers" Athlon overclocking card, the POW!er Boost. I know Dave there has been doing his homework on this one, and his press release mentions some potentially serious problems with other Athlon overclocking cards:
For example, some resistor values in Tom's article are capable of producing damage to internal circuitry of the Athlon® and should definitely not be used. Users attempting to "roll their own" Golden Fingers based on Tom's article should be aware of this danger. . . . The POW!er Boost controller from ComputerNerd observes AMD's specifications for maximum internal voltages and dissipations and has been thoroughly tested for safe and reliable operation.
The Nerd's card should be a bit more idiot proof than some. Another nice feature of this one: the "Advanced" versions allow for L2 cache control. It's got circuitry to control the Athlon's L2 cache, should you wish to wire it up that way. We'll get to work on a full review of this puppy as soon as we get our hands on one.
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