AMD prolongs A-series software deal; price cuts still a work in progress

One month ago, AMD announced a series of price cuts to its A-series desktop APUs. The company sweetened the pot with a software bundle, which entitled shoppers to either a free game or a steeply discounted copy of Corel Aftershot Pro.

There was just one problem: by the time the bundle deal reached its end date, the APU price cuts still weren't in effect.

AMD has made amends today, announcing that the software bundle will remain on offer through February 2015. Here's the official word from the company:

The AMD Processor game bundle applies to AMD FX 6- and 8-core processors and AMD A10 desktop APUs currently on sale. The existing selection of Thief, Murdered, or Sniper Elite 3 is joined by LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham! The option to purchase Corel Aftershot Pro for $5 also continues. The new AMD Processor promotion will run until February 28th, 2015.

The software bundle should be available at Amazon, Microcenter, NCIX, Newegg, and TigerDirect, according to the chipmaker.

I was going to commend AMD for doing the right thing here, but I noticed that some of the cuts still aren't in effect at most of those e-tailers. The A10-7800, for example, was supposed to drop to its new $133 suggested e-tail price "soon, if not immediately" after the October 21 announcement. However, that chip is currently listed for $159.99 at Newegg, $156.99 at TigerDirect, and $171.98 at NCIX. Only Amazon is even in the right ballpark, with a $140 list price.

Oh well. At least this is sure to be sorted out by February 28, 2015. Right? In the meantime, we've asked AMD to comment on the belated price cuts yet again.

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