Deal of the week: Devil's Canyon starting at $179.99, Intel 730 Series for $0.42/GB, and more

Black Friday now spans more than a week, which seems a bit ridiculous. But it's hard to complain about getting even more sweet deals on PC hardware, especially when there's no risk of getting trampled at a Walmart.

  • If you live near a Micro Center, you can nab one of Intel's Devil's Canyon CPUs for way less than the usual asking price. The quad-core Core i5-4690K is marked down to $179.99, and its Hyper-Threaded i7-4790K sibling is only $249.99. The deal is limited to one per person—presumably one of each—but the only delivery option is in-store pickup. (Thanks HardForum.)
  • Intel's 730 Series SSD is basically a datacenter-grade drive with a skull on it. Although it launched at over $1/GB, the 730 Series is now on sale for less than half that at Newegg. The 240GB is listed for $109.99, while the 480GB is only $199.99. Both are bargains considering their five-year warranties, high endurance ratings, and strong performance in demanding workloads. I'd spring for the 480GB, which has a lower cost per gig and better write performance.
  • A podcast listener asked about cheap monitor recommendations on the show last night, so here's one that looks decent. Newegg has slashed Dell's 23.8" P2414H IPS monitor to just $159.99 with promo code EMCWWWB36. This is likely a 6-bit unit, and its panel specs aren't anything to write home about. However, it's very well-equipped otherwise, with an adjustable stand, a VESA-compatible mount, an integrated USB hub, and a trio of inputs that includes DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA. There's even a DP cable in the box.
  • Google's Nexus 7 2013 tablet is Scott's go-to slate, and we featured it in our latest mobile staff picks. Now, Newegg has the 16GB version on sale for $169.99. Pretty sweet for a 7" device with an excellent 1920x1200 display, a snappy Snapdragon CPU, and enough RAM for smooth multitasking. The Nexus has a stock Android OS, too, and Google is already rolling out its Lollipop update.

Those are the deals that stood out to me this morning, but there are scores of other early Black Friday discounts out there. I went slightly cross-eyed staring at the endless pages of sale items, and I probably missed a few good ones. Feel free to add anything you find in the comments below.

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