Far Cry 4 patch addresses black-screen issue

No doubt about it, Far Cry 4 has had a less bumpy launch than Assassin's Creed Unity. Still, some players have been running into problems—particularly, as PC World reported last Friday, those with dual-core CPUs like the new Pentium AE.

Ubisoft has now released a patch that attempts to iron out a few of those problems, including the black screen some folks were getting when trying to launch the game. The patch also addresses a gray screen players got "when reaching the end of an Outpost Master Mission."

The black-screen problem is what affected dual-core CPU users, but it's not clear yet whether the patch really does fix it. Some users claim that it does, while others disagree.

Ubisoft names three additional issues it aims to fix in future patches. Those issues involve mouse acceleration, key bindings, and SLI multi-GPU configs, which are apparently getting "black shadows." Here's hoping the game will eventually work properly with dual-core CPUs, if it doesn't already.

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