Lian Li sticks a window on its PC-Q33 Mini-ITX case

A little more than a year ago, Lian Li introduced the PC-Q33, a nifty Mini-ITX enclosure with a hinged design. Now, the company is back with a windowed version of the same case. And I have to say, it doesn't look half bad:

The PC-Q33W is available now at Newegg for $124.99. That price tag puts it at a slight premium over the non-windowed PC-Q33, which sells for $99.99.

Like its windowless sibling, the PC-Q33W has its front and top panels welded together and mounted on a hinge, so they can swing out of the way to grant access to the components inside. That's a particularly handy feature for a Mini-ITX chassis to have. Small-form-factor cases often make it hard to squeeze in your hands and plug in connectors.

The PC-Q33W also includes dual 3.5" drive bays, mounting points for three 2.5" drives, and an emplacement for a full-sized ATX PSU. Cooling is handled by a 120-mm fan, and there's room for a 120-mm radiator, as well. Maximum supported component heights and lengths are 8.7" for graphics cards, 7.9" for PSUs, and 7.1" for CPU coolers.

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