Nvidia expands Grid selection with #GridTuesday initiative

Geoff recently wrote about his experience with Nvidia's Grid cloud-based game streaming service. One of his complaints was that, compared to rival services like OnLive, Grid's game selection is a little thin.

Happily, Nvidia is taking steps to address that problem. As part of its new #GridTuesday initiative, the company aims to add new titles to the service every week.

This week's aditions are Psychonauts, a cult adventure game by Tim Schafer (of Lucas Arts fame), and Red Faction: Armageddon, a circa-2011 shooter that's earned generally positive reviews by Metacritic's count.

The new titles bolster the Grid selection to a total of 22 games, which are all playable on demand at no charge until the Grid preview expires on June 30, 2015. Assuming #GridTuesday goes on until then, as well, the initiative could put Grid in a more competitive position for its commercial launch.

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