Rumor patrol: nForce chipset delayed?

The Inq is reporting that NVIDIA's nForce chipset may be delayed. (Credit LiamC for sending in the link.) Mike Magee is often right about such things, and from what I've seen around the web, he may well be right again. He's getting his info from mobo makers, not from NVIDIA. Who to believe?

The problem's rumored to be related to the nForce's south bridge, or MCP, chip. Of course, this same chip is in MS's upcoming Xbox game box, and there are rumors the Xbox is delayed, as well. The Xbox rumors center around "motherboard problems," and I especially enjoyed this extremely specific denial of problems from an MS spokesman:

"There's absolutely no problem with the design of Intel's motherboard," Microsoft spokesman James Bernard said. "We're still on track for a Nov. 8 launch."
No mention of the MCP chip at all there. Hmm.

Finally, there's further possible confirmation in the form of an anonymous, unsubstantiated report (clearly marked as rumor) at the cold, HardOCP. I'll just rip the text here, since it's already scrolled well down the OCP's front page. (You should still go visit the OCP; it'll make you feel warm and tingly.)

This might have something to do with the delays but i'm not quite sure, we have the XBOX XDK here and the current hardware has a broken MCP. The newest XDK is supposed to have a fixed MCP, but this is the second 'final' hardware build. Nvidia is trying to get all the correct hardware out to the developers of the XBOX before they can even think about working on the nForce, so i'm betting thats the reason for the delay. $10,000 for an XDK vs. ~$140 for a motherboard, makes you think. BTW, they claim the broken MCP on the XBOX is because Intel used the wrong capacitors on the PCB, who knows.
So does all this add up to an nForce delay? It sure looks that way, but NVIDIA isn't responding to inquiries one way or the other, at present.
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