Zalman is 'not going bankrupt'

Rumors of Zalman's demise have been, it seems, greatly exaggerated. AnandTech received a statement from the Korean company yesterday, and the statement makes it quite clear that Zalman isn't bankrupt:

While Zalman headquarters is experiencing financial hardship due to the recent troubles caused by Moneual, Zalman is not going bankrupt. Nothing will change for owners of existing Zalman products as they are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty if applicable. Zalman will always guarantee post-purchase support to our customers. Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority and we will continue towards that goal with superior product quality, innovative technologies, and outstanding customer service.

Moneual is Zalman's parent company, and it was recently brought down by alleged fraud. Zalman stresses that it was "not involved in any fraudulent activity of parent company Moneual" and was in fact "one of the hardest hit victims by this recent scandal."

For now, Zalman is being restructured "under the oversight and jurisdiction of the court in South Korea." The statement doesn't share any other details, such as what the court-supervised restructuring involves or what will happen once the process ends. For now, though, one thing seems clear: Zalman is still alive.

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