Early Black Friday deals: 4K for $350, 1080p IPS for $100, and more

The news scene has quieted down ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, but there are loads of early Black Friday deals to peruse. Here are the ones that stand out so far today:

  • Want a 4K monitor on the cheap? Acer's 28" B286HK is marked down to only $349.99 at Newegg—a good $150 less than the next-cheapest alternative. The panel is based on TN tech, of course, but you still get a 3840x2160 picture at 60Hz. Other notable features include a generous assortment of digital inputs, a fully adjustable stand, and a VESA-compatible bracket on the back.
  • A couple of LG's budget IPS monitors are also massively discounted at Newegg. The 22" 22MP55HQ-P is only $99.99 after promo code EMCWWHE24, while its 23" 23MP55HQ-P twin runs $10 more. Both have 1080p resolutions, wide viewing angles, VESA-compatible mounts, and HDMI inputs. The underlying panels are cheaper 6-bit units, and the picture quality probably isn't stellar, but it's hard to complain considering those prices.
  • If your solid-state storage budget is smaller, Mushkin's Enhanced Chronos 480GB is down to only $169.99, also at Newegg. The cost per gig is basically the same as for the EVO. Really, though, you should scrounge up another $30 for the Intel 730 Series 480GB. The higher price gets you better performance with demanding workloads, a higher endurance rating, and a longer five-year warranty.
  • For those with less than a Benjamin to drop on a new SSD, Adata's Premier Pro SP600 256GB looks like the best bet. TigerDirect has the drive listed for only $79.99, knocking the price per gig to a scant $0.31. This isn't the fastest SSD out there, but it will still be a huge improvement over mechanical storage.

I didn't intend to focus displays and SSDs, but that's sort of what happened. The deals above only scratch the surface of what's available, though. As always, feel free to add good deals you find to the comments below.

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