— 12:38 PM on August 18, 2001


  1. Electic Tech reports that Palm gets slammed with lawsuit
    and Microsoft publishes results of Windows XP install survey
  2. NewsFactor reports that IT budgets open up to Linux
  3. Hardware Extreme's giveaway contest
  4. BiT-Tech's case badge key ring mod
  5. Cary Elwes joins The X-Files

  1. CHIP Online previews Intel i845 Brookdale SDR
  2. Hardware Extreme's reader-submitted review of ATI TV-Wonder USB edition
  3. AtlantaOC reviews 80GB Maxtor DX540 5400 RPM hard drive
  4. Rojak Pot reviews Lite-On BURN-Proof 16/10/40 CD-RW drive
  5. Case Modders Australia reviews PC Case Gear twin neon light kit
    and CoolPC round ATA/100 cable
  6. GideonTech reviews Swiftech MCX370-0A cooler
  7. Overclocker Cafe reviews and gives away 2CoolPC Plus and Turbo coolers
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