TrendForce predicts tablet slump, laptop growth for 2015

Not that long ago, tablets were dealing blow after blow to the notebook market. Today, things are a little different. Tablet shipments are down, and according to the latest forecast by Taiwanese research firm TrendForce, that decline will continue into 2015. The kicker? Laptops are expected to grow in that time period.

TrendForce predicts that tablet shipments will shrink to 185.6 million units in 2015, a 3.5% decrease. Notebook shipments, meanwhile, are expected to see a modest 0.6% increase to 174.6 million next year.

The report also includes some bold predictions for things in the longer term:

In 2015, TrendForce expects a more diverse array of products will enter the notebook market along with a new operating system. Facing intense competition from smartphones – phablets, in particular – and low-priced notebooks, tablets could eventually be forced out of the market unless manufacturers develop a new business model for them.

I'm not sure I'd go so far as to predict the complete demise of tablets. Consumer enthusiasm does seem to be waning, though. In July, Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly said tablets were "crashing." And last month, Apple's quarterly earnings release showed a 13% decrease in iPad shipments compared to 2013.

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