Tyan Tiger MP appears

In anticipation of a mid-September release, AKIBA is reporting that some stores in Japan are taking pre-orders for the Tyan Tiger MP (S2460). This is the budget version of the AMD-760 MP that a lot of you out there have been waiting for. For starters, it won't have such 'frivolities' like SCSI, and many people will be relieved to know that it will work with a standard ATX 2.03 compliant power supply. If you look around, some vendors here in the United States are accepting pre-orders, as well. Of course, Tyan's boards are not noted for their overclocking prowess, but we would still like to be able to try, won't we?

Some time ago, Pro Cooling shared its thoughts about overclocking the Tyan Thunder K7 using dual Thunderbirds, but currently, the best option is to use the Golden Socket. Reportedly, these sockets can also overclock the Palomino, not just the Thunderbird. If true, this is good news.

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