WSJ: Second-gen Google Glass will have Intel inside

Intel is trying to carve itself a piece of the wearables market, and it may get a high-profile design win next year. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has tapped Intel to power the second-gen Google Glass.

The news is still unofficial—the Journal is quoting "people familiar with the matter"—and there's no word yet on exactly which Intel chip will be used. If I had to bet, though, I'd put my money on Intel's tiny Quark processor, which is aimed specifically at wearables and the Internet of things.

The Intel-powered Glass will "likely" have longer battery life than the current model, according to Eric Johnsen of APX Labs, a company that develops Google Glass software for "manufacturing, oilfield-services and logistics companies." The current version of Google Glass is powered by a TI OMAP processor, and by TechRadar's count, it lasts "three to five hours" unplugged—or even less when demanding features are used.

While the first-gen Glass was billed as a gadget for geeks, one of the Journal's sources expects Intel to promote the second-gen device to workplaces "such as hospital networks and manufacturers." Intel will be "developing new workplace uses for the device," as well. That's probably a wise move. Reuters reported earlier this month that the prospects for Google Glass' consumer success are slim.

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