Asus shrinks the GeForce GTX 970 for Mini-ITX

Asus has developed a bite-sized version of the GeForce GTX 970. The appropriately named GTX 970 DC Mini is 6.7" long, matching the length of the Mini-ITX form factor exactly.

Like the shorty 970 Gigabyte introduced in October, Asus' hot hatch is turbo-charged beyond stock frequencies. The graphics chip has 1088MHz base and 1228MHz boost clocks, up from 1076/1216 on the Gigabyte alternative—and 1050/1178MHz on Nvidia's reference design. The 4GB of RAM and 7 GT/s memory transfer rate match the GTX 970's stock configuration.

Source: Asus

At 4.8" tall, the DC Mini needs a little more headroom than full-height expansion cards. Additional clearance is also required for the auxiliary power connector, which plugs into the top edge. And you'll need a case that can accommodate a dual-slot cooler, of course.

Asus' DirectCU Mini cooler sandwiches the card between a shrouded heatsink on the front and a metal plate on the back. The CoolTech fan combines blades and blower elements, and there's a small exhaust vent in I/O plate. Outputs include DisplayPort, HDMI, and dual DVI.

Gigabyte's mini GTX 970 is already selling for $339—barely more than the going rate for full-sized versions—so I wouldn't expect Asus' entry to carry too much of a premium.

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