Epic sends out first invites for Fortnite alpha

If Fortnite has fallen off your radar, we don't blame you. The PC-exclusive, Minecraft-inspired sandbox game hasn't made many headlines since its unveiling more than two years ago. Development is progressing, though, and Epic says it's just sent out the first batch of invites for the Fortnite alpha.

The first phase of alpha testing, which Epic calls "Online Test No. 1," is scheduled to run from tomorrow until December 19. Epic will use this phase to "verify at a larger scale that the basic systems in the game function properly, from sign-ups and patching, to gameplay." The company doesn't say how many players are being invited, but it does mention that each invitee will be able to bring two friends along. "[E]ven if some folks haven't signed up by now," Epic explains, "they still have the chance to get in this week."

Oh, and there's a new trailer to mark the occasion. The one-minute clip gives a glimpse of Fortnite's gameplay—and some of those purdy, Unreal Engine 4-infused graphics:

Epic says prospective players can sign up for "future online tests" on the Fortnite website. If the first alpha phase is only running for two weeks, I'm sure more folks will be brought in soon enough.

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