DigiTimes foretells the end of touchscreen notebooks

Touchscreen notebooks arrived en masse with Windows 8. They're everywhere now, but according to DigiTimes, they may soon be a thing of the past. Orders for notebooks with touchscreen displays have "disappeared completely," the site says, adding that the product class "will be phased out of the industry" once existing inventory is sold.

We should be so lucky.

DigiTimes cites "sources from notebook makers," and it's unlikely those folks speak for all manufacturers. However, the case against touchscreen notebooks is pretty strong. Consumers never asked for them, and DigiTimes claims that demand has been weak since the first touch-enabled designs appeared. Notebook makers are reportedly putting "new focus" on inexpensive models, making it difficult to justify the additional cost associated with integrating touch functionality.

Now, touchscreens aren't being pushed out of the notebook world completely. They'll persist in convertibles designed to masquerade as tablets. Traditional notebooks aren't going anywhere, either. DigiTimes says vendors are just ditching touchscreens for those machines, which seems like a sensible approach to me. Touchscreens make perfect sense for two-in-one devices, but straight-arming a notebook display has always felt more awkward to me than using the touchpad.

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