The crying game

A new game of j'accuse threatens to upset the would-be Indian summer. It all started when Van's Hardware took to task BAPCo's popular SYSmark benchmarking suite because of its SSE optimizations, particularly egregious when running the PhotoShop test. Well, it's no secret that SYSmark makes use of SSE, so offers this rebuttal which asks, in essence, "where's the beef?"
This article essentially damns a duck for quacking. You have an SSE-optimized program, it's going to do better with an SSE-enabled processor than one that isn't.

The Athlon holds up very well on its own merits. It doesn't need affirmative action from its "friends."

Them's fighting words. Since benchmarks can be biased in favor of one platform over another, Van Smith is an advocate of COSBI (comprehensive Open Source benchmarking initiative). goes into more detail about SYSmark and COSBI in a follow-up article. You can bet that we haven't heard the end of this one.
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