Filco's new Cherry MX keyboard has Bluetooth connectivity

Mechanical keyboards are everywhere these days, but wireless mechanical keyboards? Those are much harder to come by. Happily, PC Watch reports that Filco has just introduced a new line of Cherry MX-based Majestouch keyboards with Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity.

Source: Filco.

The Majestouch Convertible 2 has the same full-sized layout as its wired cousins, and it's offered with Cherry MX blue, brown, black, and red switches. The keyboard features both Bluetooth and a detachable USB cord (with what looks like a Mini USB connector). When unplugged, the keyboard runs off two AA batteries that provide "about 6 months" of usage time at five hours per day.

Source: Filco.

Filco has equipped this keyboard with a Fn key and some handy shortcuts, too. The Fn key replaces the right menu key, and it enables media and audio volume controls (via the F keys) as well as connectivity controls (via the number keys). It looks like you can switch between USB and one of four Bluetooth sources with Fn+number key shorcuts.

Oh, and there are even DIP switches at the back. The DIP switches let you disable the Windows key and swap the Ctrl and Caps Lock keys, among other things.

Filco makes the Majestouch Convertible 2 with a U.S. ASCII layout, so I'm sure it'll turn up on this side of the Pacific. I'm not seeing any info about U.S. pricing or availability anywhere, though. All PC Watch says is that the keyboard will retail for ¥17,480—or $146—when it comes out in Japan on December 18.

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