Video shows The Crew's PC-exclusive eye candy

Ivory Tower's open-world racer The Crew came out earlier this week, and Nvidia worked with the developers to infuse the game with PC-exclusive eye candy. The trailer below shows the spruced-up visuals eye candy in action:

Both TXAA antialiasing and HBAO+ ambient occlusion are included. The former is a GeForce-exclusive feature, but the latter should work happily on most modern GPUs.

In case you missed our story about The Crew's PC requirements, the game doesn't need particularly high-end hardware to run. The "optimal" spec does call for 8GB of RAM, an eight-thread CPU, and either a GeForce GTX 670 or Radeon HD 7870, however, so the graphics can presumably scale up.

The Crew is available now on Steam. The game also comes free with some high-end GeForce cards as part of Nvidia's latest bundling deal.

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