Asus' passive GeForce GTX 750 holds the titanium

Nvidia's Maxwell GPU architecture is designed for low-power operation, so it's no surprise to find it behind another passively cooled graphics card. Say hello to Asus' fan-free GeForce GTX 750.

Source: Asus

Like other GTX 750s, the GTX750-DCSL-2GD5 uses a scaled-back version of Nvidia's GM107 GPU. The chip has 512 stream processors, down from 640 in the GTX 750 Ti. The vanilla 750 also has a lower memory transfer rate—5 GT/s vs 5.4 GT/s—but its 1020MHz base and 1085MHz boost frequencies are identical. Asus sticks to the GTX 750's stock frequencies and 2GB memory configuration.

The DirectCU Silent cooler is anything but stock. It combines a beefy, dual-slot radiator with two heatpipes that loop out the top. Those pipes push the card's height to 4.5", which could be a tight squeeze for some low-profile and small-form-factor chassis. At least there's no need to worry about auxiliary power connectors; the card subsists solely on power from the PCIe slot.

DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI outputs line the rear I/O plate, providing a nice array of options for desktops and home-theater PCs. The GPU should deliver a decent gaming experience with the latest titles, though the 750 Ti is a better option for less casual audiences. Palit already makes a passively cooled version of the 750 Ti.

Thanks to Expreview for the tip.

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