Weekend Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Softpedia: AMD breaks from Nvidia, drops
    TSMC and uses GlobalFoundries to make chips
  2. Don't call it a netbook (or a "Chromebook killer")—
    hp's $200 Stream 11 reviewed at Ars Technica
  3. PCWorld: Windows 10 could prompt upgrades of 600 million aging PCs
  4. Softpedia: Dark Tab is a 10.1" gaming slate
    hoping to compete with the Nvidia Shield Tablet
  5. Android Authority: Here are the specs of HTC's next flagship, according to @upleaks
  6. PocketNow: Apple may build a 4" iPhone in 2015
  7. World Premiere - The Witcher 3 (video)
  8. Newegg's weekend deals


  1. Reuters: Sony employees receive e-mail threat claiming to be from hackers
  2. Apple on trial: Company execs say DRM was forced on them by record labels
  3. Tech ARP continues its mega giveaway contest

  1. Dark Horizons lists the Game Awards 2014 winners
  2. Softpedia: BioShock Infinite to arrive on Linux
  3. Hardware.Info's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review—tested with 21 GPUs
  4. TweakTown's Dragon Age: Inquisition review‏ (Xbox One)

  1. TweakTown's Supermicro AOC-S40G-iQ2 review
  2. Benchmark Reviews on Roccat Apuri Active USB hub
  3. CowcotLand reviews Zotac GTX 980 AMP! Omega (in French)
  4. Legit Reviews on Trendnet's WiFi baby cam
  5. APH Networks on Lemur BlueDriver Bluetooth OBD-II scanner
  6. VR-Zone's Asus ROG Gladius mouse review
  7. Ocaholic's Raidmax Vampire case review
  8. HardwareOC tests Alpenföhn Peter 2 on GTX 970 (in German)
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