No Man's Sky is looking better and better

A new trailer for No Man's Sky was released at the Game Awards show on Friday. I'll just cut to the chase: the game is looking better and better, and I'm itching to play it.

Yes please. I'm not sure what that Stargate-y portal stuff is all about, but the flow of the game looks amazing, and the procedurally generated alien planets look... well, out of this world.

No Man's Sky made its first public appearance almost a year ago, so it's gotta be getting close to release at this point. Developer Hello Games has yet to announce a launch date, though. All we know is that, according to GameSpot, the game is due out some time in 2015.

Oh, and sadly, No Man's Sky will also be a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 4. The PC version will come out at an unspecified time following the already-unspecified release date. That's really too bad, because this is just the kind of game I'd like to play on one of those newfangled 4K G-Sync displays.

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