Report: Intel to power Swiss smartwatch

Intel may enter the wearables space in earnest next year—at least if the latest rumors are any indication. There's already word of the company powering the next Google Glass gizmo, and now, Business Insider reports that Intel may also join forces with a Swiss watchmaker on an x86 smartwatch.

The site names TAG Heuer as Intel's potential partner, and it expects a "sleek, classy watch" that may look more like a proper Swiss timepiece than a tech gadget. Apparently, the Withings Activité is a good example of what the two companies might be shooting for. Sounds like a touchscreen may not be included, although the TAG Heuer device will reportedly have the same sort of health and fitness monitoring features as other smartwatches.

Business Insider says the fruit of Intel and TAG Heuer's collaboration may be unveiled at CES in January. Or it may not: the device's debut could also slip later into the first quarter, the site predicts. (Thanks to eWeek for the tip.)

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